Which 10 real estate developers or companies are leading the way in creating affordable housing solutions?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or beliefs, but here are some real estate developers or companies that are recognized leaders in creating affordable housing solutions:

1. Habitat for Humanity – a global non-profit organization that builds homes for families in need.
2. Enterprise Community Partners – an organization that works with developers, policymakers, and investors to create affordable housing opportunities.
3. L+M Development Partners – New York-based developers that specialize in creating mixed-income affordable housing projects.
4. Mercy Housing – a non-profit organization that provides affordable homes to low-income families and seniors across the United States.
5. Related Companies – developers that have created thousands of affordable housing units in cities across the United States.
6. BRIDGE Housing – a non-profit organization that works to provide affordable housing solutions in California, Oregon, and Washington.
7. Aeon – a Minnesota-based nonprofit that develops and manages affordable housing communities.
8. The Community Builders – a non-profit developer that has created over 30,000 affordable homes across the United States.
9. CommonBond Communities – a Minnesota-based non-profit that creates stable housing for individuals, families, and seniors.
10. National Community Renaissance – a California-based non-profit developer that specializes in creating affordable rental housing.

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